Free from composting frazzle

IMAGENAMEHEREFor the first few years of HoBB Real, grass cuttings were composted separately from the kitchen waste. We tried to keep some composting seed free and had special composting areas for weeds, seeds, sticks and branches.

In the turning of these and continual shifting about of rotted matter, we soon became exhausted so started to build composting piles where we wanted the compost to stay and left it to breakdown without tuning it. This promoted earthworm action and trickle fed each area chosen.

As so much is piled up on these mixed compost heaps very little ever seeds or takes root. As the vegetation break down and the earthworm count rises, we attract snails and moles. The snails are harvested and the digger moles regulate the earthworm population buy turning over the soil terrifically!

We have about fourteen of these compost heaps spread around the HoBB Gardens saving the initial walks to amalgamate the compost material and the eventual walks to distribute the finished compost.

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