Woodman Woodman spare that tree

apple tree fightingIf we had listened to ‘others’, the two cankered apple trees above the HoBB Barn would have been taken out and burnt. We opted for saving them both.

When we took over the caring for these trees, each produced one or two apples. With a good mulching, hard pruning, and a lot of love, we get a full harvest alternatively from each – despite their canker growths.

The trees ‘live’ and they are therefore survivors. The canker tries to knock them but fails. If we had knocked them by axe and chainsaw, then we would have failed them. If life tries its best to live to its full, we should have the sense to support it as only a fool interrupts a winning struggle.

It’s often a ‘struggle’ to win through, even for the plants we call weeds. Somehow though, the recipe for success is to know this struggle rather than tear it out and start anew. We’ll certainly buy some canker resistant apple trees but as additions not replacements … and so the HoBBian Gardens grow stronger.

All best waves from under the apple trees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant