Recycled Old carpets to the rescue

top terrace retaining wall using re-cycled carpetsSolutions are all around us: in the words of songs and books, in adverts, in the minds of friends, and in roadside skips!

Yes, we were wondering how to stop erosion under a long line of trees planted on a slope when we saw a roll of old carpet thrown into a skip. By re-cycling this old carpet, layered behind a line of oak uprights to retain soil thus moisture, we have now rescued a good stretch of hedgerow.

Over many years the downhill side of this hedgerow had weathered away whilst the root system had retained only the uphill earth. Due to high winds and allowing the hedge row to grow full tree height, many of the trees had blown out or died. The selection of healthy hedgerow species we now have along this stretch includes hawthorn, ash, sycamore, sloe, holly, elder, crab apple and hazel.

So when you walk along the HoBB’s top terrace, spare a thought for what you can re-cycled to good use.

Waves from Grant ~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~