Box Bush Bricks (Buxus)

Potted Box BushesHi,

I’ve some great ideas for anyone involved or interested in box trees (Buxus) and topiary, who would love to profit from spending some effort and time indulging in their enjoyment of horticulture.

I make it my personal goal to use all my brain’s down-time for thinking up a whole spectrum of ideas.

Some are impractical, wacky and weird, all need continual update in a fast world, but some can be gems if you put together the right team to progress them.

The concept underpinning the HoBB began with an urge to explore more creative ways to live and to channel these ways to good effect. Here at the HoBB, a vitality grows promoted by the surroundings.

Anytime we are unable to carry forward an idea ourselves, we ‘direct it into up currents’ and will it to climb. I can’t remember who said it, but as “originality is just undiscovered plagiarism”, we know that somebody else is sitting somewhere having similar ideas, but all important is the speed at which the idea is accomplished and making sure you link the best people to put it together and work it.

So if you see anything through these HoBBlogs that you want to follow up, act swiftly and contact me without delay

Waves ~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ from Grant