Stronachullin Topiary

Stronachullin Topiary‘Stronachullin’ is Scottish for ‘Blackthorn’ or ‘Sloe’ and it is also the name given to the West Highland village in Scotland where I once lived and worked. I have worked on topiary projects before but never using ‘Sloe’ and for those that don’t know these trees well, they have thorns that dry and can easily snap off as deep seated splinters – so thick gloves are essential.

The HoBB Garden Sloe Trees are being shaped into irregular ‘blobs’ that have been designed to house two sheltered seating areas facing South. As April arrives each year, these trees fire out their white blossoms ahead of their leaves and at the close of Autumn they fill with the very berries that give Sloe Gin its flavour.

If you are starting a garden and looking for a suitable plant for your own topiary dreams, pick Box, Ivy, Privet, Laurel, Hebe, Hawthorn – anything but Sloe!

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