Hanging Rail for Sloping Ceilings

IMAGENAMEHEREThe more loft conversions, the more headaches for interior designers that have to locate wardrobes with sloping sides. The solution is usually to make a fitted wardrobe with low doors that fits against the end brick/ block wall.

We had this situation at the HoBB but the first floor here is built into the roof space and there is no attic. As we have always fresh energy to traditional buildings, we designed the above system (see picture) to fit onto the slope and thus give far more hanging space.

We crafted it in Welsh Oak and bolted it onto a hidden steel re-enforcement angle so that the design can be adapted to any length. It is going to be a useful design for all locations because the angle of hanger cut can be altered to accommodate different ceiling pitches.

Those visiting HoBB Real will see the first prototype for this system in the beachcomber room. We got the angles a bit wrong to start with but here at the HoBB, the fun of finding solutions includes making mistakes. We keep going till things work well and we are firm believers in the benefits of visualising solutions to get results from hanging space to good health !

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