Fish Designs and Designs on Fish – Part 1

fish plateOnto a very proper white wall which was once the outside wall of the original HoBB Cottage, there is a carved plate interrupting the eye yet blending into the surface.

It has an interesting history and still forms part of the wonderful Latham Collection of Fish Memorabilia. From carved fish to paintings, these altogether fishy items were collected by Joyce Latham over many years and have been used by museums, galleries, artists and editorial feature photographers.

At one stage in its life the collection was nearly split up but a large exhibition arranged by Dr. Seddon of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, UK , placed it firmly back in the public eye in one piece.

Following the publicity, Jocelyn Orchard at the West Midlands Area Museum service, adapted a part of the collection for touring UK wide.

Items from this fishy collection are available for hire to promote and support the fund raising work of the World of Water Charity (WoW Contact)

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