Four small feature re-cycled glass panes wanted

IMAGENAMEHEREI am looking around for someone interested in making four glass panes from re-cycled bottle glass.

I have designed a fun feature for the HoBB entrance and have finished the stonework and oak window frame ready. Each of the four panes have air bubbles trapped in them, are clear to frosted to bottle green but of different design.

As the lower panes are being melted together from parts of carefully prepared green wine bottles the ‘melt’ needs to stop just before the thick circular bottle bottoms become indistinct and fuse with the main clearer sheet glass. The whole ‘look’ should be that of ‘recycled’ glass so the origin is not lost.

This project would suit a student with access to kiln, keen to work with an interior designer. If you have any wickedly wonderful thoughts on how to get this kind of feel into a feature, contact me please.

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant