E-brain Book Discovery of the Year Prize

Ebrain BookMy book of the year prize goes to the ‘EBAIN’ because it is practical. It might also help forge the way to better global relations and at the moment, this is what we need.

Books have always been around at home. My dad worked for several publishers so you can guess what came my way on birthdays. As soon as you lift the present and look at its shape …. you know the score and pre-book shelf place for it. No wonder we designed a mascot for ourselves called ” BookBod” hey!

With rather a lot of books around here, we sort them out occasionally and some go to friends. One day (and how many of us say “one day ….. ” ) I think I’ll look into one of the options on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, that help you sell off books no longer required to those searching for out of print titles. Or maybe a system where we all view our book collections like personal libraries and we just put a web site that effectively becomes an ‘inter-library’ exchange facility. Is that idea number 4,834 or 4,835? H’m!

If it happens, I’ll pop back to this Log entry and add a link. Any ideas yourself, then send them over and start talking to us (and BookBod of course!)

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant