Project: Theatre Production Idea in the Wings (Working Title: KK & GM)

Loft Theatre. New Foyer Design
Loft Theatre. New Foyer. Design 03

I’ve always loved Theatre, so when I got a call asking me to draw up some design options for a new Foyer at the Loft Theatre, I leapt out of the wings and was on the spot in a flash.

Though many theatres have closed down in the UK, everyone’s interest in live performance continues to grow, and today, it’s the Street Carnivals, Cup Finals, Pop Concerts and reality TV programmes that satisfy our love of live theatre. Indicators for this are many. For example, when browsing published web sites, most visitors click ‘What’s New‘ and though sales of many ‘News‘ papers may not be rising, everyone still remains eager to discover what’s happening and what’s new, as quickly as it happens.

Even when News isn’t happy-making, we still chat about it. So with this in mind, I have written a pantomime based on a cartoon character (KK) we developed as a mascot for the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. At the moment, the story exists in the form of a graphic novel with over 150 key illustrations. It’s a love story and a hate story about an orphaned kitten adopted as a Theatre mascot that prevents a mob of rats taking over the Theatre for their own business dealings. The kitten brings back the audiences – with a little help from a stranded genie mouse left over in the props. department after an Aladdin Production. Does real love blossom at the end? I think so – as real tears will run down the audiences’ cheeks.

I need some help
I need a few haunting melodies, fun songs and theme music now so that it will be sure to break box office records. If you write musicals and want to collaborate on this, get in contact. And we’ll need a Producer if you know one.




I’ll do some set designs based on the drawings. I enjoy that part. I’ve done sets for ‘Wuthering Heights’ and one for ‘Farndale Avenue … Macbeth’ so far.