Why write Web Logs, Blogs and HoBBlogs?

Getting two end points to BridgeWe have always communicated in Images and words. Image wise, our ideas have travelled worldwide without the need to translate them into different tongues. Our words however, have always been given freely, ‘live’ in countless meetings, then published within the meeting’s Minutes, distributed, and filed away – so nothing new about this blogging system then! Or is there?

Writing HoBBlogs

We think Bloging or blogging is one bridge closer to broadcasting. We have taken up this way of publishing so as to introduce our evolving views, to forward information we think needs a wider audience and maintain links with friends – because friends are our best advocates.

The Structure of HoBBlogs

The HoBB Web Log or ‘HoBBlog’ is divided into fifteen elements and in time, those friends that know their way around this ‘HoBB Virtual’, will know exactly where to go on this site for the news they want or just fancy reading.

Local Aim of HoBBlogs

By running a Web Log site, we will be promoting our many ideas and sharing them as we go. As we have far too many ideas to progress them all we hope that friends will contact us or pass on information that they see published here to those they think may be interested. We can always add more to that which we write here so get back to us with points and questions. If we get soooooooooo busy doing this you’ll be the first to know.

The fifteen ‘Elements’ or ‘Categories’ (seen top right hand side of this and every page) are essentially our different interests. There will always be overlaps and filing is never a perfect science.

“Why the picture of the Bridge?”

As many friends will know, we worked often for architects prior to the mass introduction of computer design systems. The computer changed things for us nine years ago and this bridge was the last piece done totally by hand on the first ever drawing board I was given by my maths tutor.

Global Aim of HoBBlogs

Today, with this Web Log Site and the international connections of the internet, we hope to support the aims of many others in the World as they help to bridge the gaps left by past regimes that have so sadly tried to divide the People of the World.

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant