Hair Spray stops Reed Mace (Bull Rush) seed explosion

Reed Mace (Bull Rush Seeds)Just one neglected Bull Rush or rather Reed Mace and your living room gets it! Each winter we always remember to bring in the dried seed heads and give them a good dose of hair lacquer but this year, a few seed heads were overlooked.

Originally grown from seed sent over from Wexford Nature Reserve, Ireland, our reed mace are elegant, contained, tame and great for dried floral displays at the HoBB. Each year, on a good harvest, we send them, cut, dried and sprayed. along to a florist to raise vital funds for Charity but not this year.

I think the weather was too hot, they dried too fast and we harvested late. Everything they say about the seeds is true as they do go everywhere! Try eating the flowers and roots and see what you think about their culinary qualities.

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