Flowers Grow on Money

[Flowering Jade Plant (Money Tree)64cm high blooming whopper]


This three home grown ‘Money Plant’ or ‘Jade Plant’ is flowering. It started as a ‘good luck’ plant in my mums home and she gave it to a friend that now makes great American Rocking Horses (in the USA).

When he moved from Britain to America he recycled the plant in our direction and it was given pride of place facing out over the Valley on its own window sill.

Now, as thick trunked as any you may find in Chinese take-aways, this massive plant flowers. Most of the nutrient it gets comes from our own composting comfrey and at times, a slight red-edge appears on its leaves.

What does it do next ? I’ll let you know. Though called the Jade or Money Plant I doubt if it will produce either of those. But given the right silly season and climbing UK summer temperatures, having just been able to pick ripe red grapes from HoBB vines growing at 850ft above sea level, who knows what tropical delights are ahead.

Any Chinese Restaurant without a large Money Plant knows where to contact us!

Floral ~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant