BookBod’s new Party Location

Waves ~~~~~from the HoBB~~ and SmilesAt last, after travelling the Cosmos, the most magical of bookbinders the Universe has ever known has been given a home at the HoBB with Helen, Grant, Penny and Tuppence.

From the carnival time BookBod landed on this blue planet and started work on the World’s knowledge bank, BookBod has spirited many to appreciate the fathomless fun of being alive.

We’re hoping that BookBod will take a break between binding and reading and wishing and feeling to post some postings here at HoBB TV.

For a far and wide wanderer and wonderer, Bookbod has relied upon both caravan and horse for transport and both need repair. Earth is BookBod’s chosen pit stop and we are overjoyed to extend our welcome at the HoBB.

This welcome we extend to you too in both a virtual and real way. Whilst you might not be able to Party with us at this very moment of time, you will be able to join the Party and create the Party of your lifetime as we unfold the recipe on these pages – with a lot of help from Bookbod and friends.

There is a sign that we all know well yet use too seldomly. This sign is now an icon on the internet and beyond. Let the sign shine on your face often – the smiley!